What's a Primus?

I have heard that a primus is someone who does things first. She would be an innovator, someone who is creative. She would be someone who starts new programs or implements new ideas.

Interesting enough, a primus within the Episcopal Church of Scotland is the bishop who presides at the meetings of the other bishops. He has certain privileges but no authority over the group.

This role might be compared to that of an active lay person within a church. She has earned certain privileges because of her energy, but she has no real authority.

In other religious circles, clergy might be seen as having special authority over their people. Yet among we polytheist Pagans with more than one deity about, we are more likely to face the reality of options. Further, we are not so able to hide behind our own deity, but instead take responsibility for our own actions. (Pan made me do it!)

Yet we can ask, what authority do we HP/S's have anyway? There is authority from social structure. There is authority from personal charisma. After we decide to be priests, are we to expect anyone to follow or obey us? 

Maybe, when we lead a ritual, we will have followers, but, outside of Circle, we are all just people.

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