A Thought from Islam

To Serve the People

To worship God is nothing other than to serve the people.

It does not need rosaries, prayer carpets, nor robes.

All peoples are members of the same body, created from one essence.

If fate brings suffering to one member, the others cannot stay at rest.


(This sounds like the Interdependent Web of Life to Spelcastor)

Saadi (1184-1291), the genius of Shiraz,  was a classic Persian poet and (also known by the name: Mosleh al-Din Saadi Shirazi) lived in a period of major political and social change in Iran and the whole of the Middle East.  

Around 1258, there was the crumbling of the Muslim or Abbasid Empire of the Arabs centered in Baghdad and the invasion and subsequent wanton destruction by Genghis Kahn and the Mongols. From the West, Christendom had been launching the Crusades. Then, 1299 marked the rise of the Turkish Sultans and the new Ottoman Empire. Somewhere in this time, Marco Polo passed through Persia on his way to China.

As a result of this upheaval, little is known about his life apart from what he wrote in his "so called " autobiographical works. Visit IranSaga.

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