How UUs Might Ordain a UU Pagan?

I was thinking how a Unitarian Universalist Congregation might go about ordaining a member as an "Elder in Communion" for the purpose of doing weddings in the greater Pagan community. Such a title would distinguish her or him from the fellowshipped clergy of the denomination. 

How might all this work?

As a bridge between the Church and the Pagan community, you would solemnize marriages, do memorials and child blessings, make hospital visits and perhaps some prison ministry. You would serve under the guidance of the Congregation's minister. After all, that person has much formal training for such work.

UU Congregations have complete freedom in the calling of any minister, so they would expect you to stand for a vote. Be aware that UU Congregations also include Christians, Buddhists, agnostics, humanists, seekers and people just proud to be UU. You would have to win over at least a majority of this membership.

They might expect you to have been a member in good standing of both their Congregation and CUUPS for at least a year and a day. This would give you time to make yourself known. You would have time to demonstrate that you are "linked to them by affection, association, and loyalty and share in the essential elements of their spiritual values."

This credential of Elder in Communion would continue as long as you remained a member in good standing of both the Congregation and CUUPS. This call would be seen as and end in itself and not a step towards the leadership of any UU Congregation. It could be withdrawn by either the Congregation or the Church Board, if they concluded your behavior was becoming inappropriate.

In the world of Catholics, Episcopalians, or Lutherans, such a ministry would be recognized as the Vocational Deaconate. It is for those who choose to seek ordination for a special purpose but not to advance to the functions of Priest.

Our own UU Congregation has yet to buy into such a program. For Pagans who seek credentials, there are easier routes. Plus, if all you want to do is to perform marriages, it would be much faster and cheaper to just become a notary. This path would be for the serious UU Pagan.

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