The Goddess Chant

The Goddess Chant invokes seven Goddesses:

 Isis, Artarte, Diana - Hekate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna

The names of these seven are repeated over and over, to raise energy and awareness.

They are born of traditions from different lands: Egypt, Canaanite, Roman - Greek, Greek, India - Mesopotamia. The chant is as much political as spiritual, in that it calls upon the Goddess from multiple paths and in her many aspects.

For better balance, in place of Hekate I would suggest invoking the Caillech, a Celtic Goddess similar to her. However, that would mess up the meter. Besides, Hekate first appeared in Greece during a time of Indo-European intrusion, and this would justify linking her to the Celts.  Pick any story you like, and this chant will have more meaning once you become personally acquainted with each of these seven Goddesses.

Research has since shown that the number of nine million killed during the Burning Times to be greatly exaggerated, but the thought was still there. I saw this reported on the Covenant of the Goddess website, but that page has since been moved.

This chant is credited to writer, storyteller and healer Deena Metzger. Charley Murphey incorporated it into the song "The Burning Times" in the 1980s. It is available from several artists, particularly Faerie Elaine Silver on her CD Faerie Goddess.

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